Exactly what Do you really need Out of your Novel Site?.

Promoting your novel online is really a tough job. And that doesn’t even count making money from your own site/ novel. When you have just started the process of publishing your novel online, there are many things you need to take into account, and the first one is how to really get your novel onto your personal site.

For most people this is a real challenge and could possibly be something that blocks them from pursuing the internet method. Whether it’s because of lack of skill in site building the s-classes that i raised novel, too little money or you only can’t get what you need from the site.

There are some considerations you need to consider.

Firstly – you need to be sure you capture information regarding the people who visit your site. You will find two ways to accomplish this. Have an application on your site where people insert their name and email address. This will enable you to email people with updates on your work.

Or you could have a membership site. This is a site where people sign up and have to sign in for the information. A good membership site has multiple ways to make your member feel special. Additionally it may give you ways to market products, or give upgrades for special benefits. My membership site with my serialized novel is Alra Forest take a peek to see exactly what do be done.

Secondly is cost. There is the put up costs (my site is $100 to set up however the amounts can be a lot higher) as well as the hosting (from $5 a month).

When you begin creating your site, it is vital, regardless of whether you have a membership site or not, to have a way to capture the name and email of one’s visitors. This will allow you to build your name up with these individuals and to make certain they don’t ignore you.

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