Favorite Chrome Extensions Searched by World-wide-web Designers

The Internet Explorer has almost disappeared, and has been replaced jointly by the Firefox and the Google Chrome browser. Consequently, the website designing in addition has evolved itself. 5 years back, compatibility with the IE was top priority, and today the compatibility with Mozilla and Google Chrome is most important. And 5 years down the road, compatibility on Opera Mini is actually a must, who knows!

Meanwhile, the present challenge facing the web designers is how to streamline their website for Google Chrome. All of the e-commerce websites want to accomplish greater rankings in Google, which becomes easier if the website is optimized for Google chrome browser.

Many users prefer the chrome browser because it is swifter due to the quick execution of its java script. Also the consumer interface of chrome is extremely neat and comes with an appealing simplicity in its design.

Whilst the popularity of Chrome rises, so does the popularity of its extensions. The 5 most widely used extensions for the web are:

Web developer

This is undoubtedly the most used extension on Firefox already. Now it has been adapted for the Chrome environment. This tool enables the designers to analyze and test all the web pages thoroughly. The tool can be used to edit the Cascading Style Sheets, besides the conventional HTML.

Measure It

This really is one of the most simple yet the most practical extensions. It is utilized by the designers to gauge the dimensions of these creations. It is like a level with measuring units, and it tells the width and height of the selected area in pixels.

Firebug lite

One may say this extension was also brought to chrome on popular demand. It was one of the most used tools on Firefox browser as designers could conveniently scrutinize and edit the document object material (DOM), applying this extension. Also it is possible to modify the CSS in real-time applying this tool.

Chrome sniffer

This really is one of the greatest tools for the designers if they would like to decode the structure of a research site. Often once the clients insist on having features Psiphon For laptop such as a reference site, then this Chrome sniffer can be utilized to learn how the website was built, which java script was implemented and which web applications were created to make the manifested results.


This really is just one more extension that has been available first on Mozilla, and now modified for the Chrome interface. It has the crucial tool to choose a shade throughout that eye dropper from the gradient of colors. These colors can then be put on the website palette and also advanced CSS gradients could be created easily.

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