Saving Movies Online — The final word on Advantages

In the beginning, there was video rental. You could pay a stop by at your favorite location, the standalone establishment or perhaps a corner of your supermarket, pay a few dollars, and return home to enjoy a movie on your VHS or Betamax (remember those?) VCR.

Then came DVDs. Movie renting became very popular, standalone rental stores could be found every few miles, and given that they couldn’t provide a large enough selection, the neighborhood supermarkets more or less got from the movie rental business.

The house movie-watching market took a jump forward once the cable industry began to offer “Video on Demand.” So you could pick a movie, see it at your leisure, have it charged to your monthly cable bill, and never need certainly to leave your house. In exchange because of this convenience, you’re offered a much more limited selection than you’d have if you got in your car and drove to your local video store.

The situation of limited selection was quickly solved, however, with the advent of mail-order movie rental. A request to a mail-order movie rental service would allow you to pick from literally tens of thousands of movie titles, set them up in your rental queue, and ask them to mailed straight to your door. Now, though, the trade-off was time. As soon as you mailed back the movie you’d finished watching, it took several days for the next someone to arrive.

At long last, it seems as though we would have arrived เน็ต ฟิก at the greatest movies-at-home solution: movie downloading. Whenever you download your movies online, your selection is virtually unlimited, your wait time is minimal, and your costs are affordable.

With respect to the online service you choose, there are several methods used to acquire movies online. The very first is streaming video. You can stream video either to your computer or to a device attached with your television. You can begin to watch your movie almost instantly, and the cost is extremely reasonable… actually, a few subscription services include unlimited streaming video in your membership package. The main one drawback to streaming video is that you can’t save the movie to a DVD and other storage medium and bring it with you for watching elsewhere or as time goes on; you are limited by viewing it on the device to which it’s streaming.

Another method used to download movies online is a rental concept. Basically, you can download the movie to a storage device (computer hard disk, TiVo, even an iPod or video game console), and watch it at your convenience. As you are merely “renting” these movies and not purchasing them, they’ll expire after a specified period. This could vary by service and be anywhere from 24 hours to 30 days.

Finally, it’s possible to download complete movies, burn them to DVD, and watch them on your TV, entertainment center, computer, or anywhere else, exactly like any movie that you have purchased in a store. Costs for this can vary widely, and you can find movies priced anywhere from what you will pay in a shop, to “clearance bin” pricing, to membership and subscription plans.

In summary, downloading your movies online may be the greatest in twenty-first century convenience. If you’re willing to look around a bit, you will almost certainly find a movie download plan that will fit your requirements and accommodate your lifestyle.

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